Constance Smith-Burwell(non-registered)
I purchased six of your "Rising Sun" card design from the Centennial Art Museum Show, Nashville, TN If available, I would love to make additional purchases of this blank-inside greeting card. Absolutely beautiful and moves the soul. Warmest Blessings, CSB
Faith Burns
I especially love your abstracts. I see on some how you did them. But some are so interesting and I can't see how you did them. I see now where I can use the original photo and have it show underneath the twirls or Wraps. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements (not Lightroom). I have all the Topaz filters to help me. I wish I knew more about how you did yours. I'm adding my Fine Art America's website. But I want to add more of my abstracts in there. Thank you for sharing!!
betty davis(non-registered)
I love all of these but I like the fall colors best.....the fence is my favorite
Murray Anderson(non-registered)
Thanks for all of the dedicated work on behalf of the class of '57.
Janet McQuirk(non-registered)
Wow! John, I am truly impressed with both this web site (You have worked hard) and the marvelous photos. I am also inspired by your work to do more photography.
Tirk Wilder(non-registered)
Fabulous work. I'm not kidding, brother. Really impressive images, man.
Spike ODell(non-registered)
Hi John! It was nice to meet you at last night's "Trunk or Treat"! I think those kids still have a sugar high. I like your eye for photos. Your pictures are great....thanks for sharing! Take a look at my bluebird pictures when you have time. Every picture on my website was taken within the confines of my own yard here in Gallatin. And it isn't that big! Ha! All the best!
Bill Powers(non-registered)
Great Web site, John. I'm particulary partial to cool forest and waterfall scenes. Will send you one or two of mine.
Penny Jacobs(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures John..Congrats on the fair entries! LOVE the web site!
Nora Sewell(non-registered)
Nice photographs, John! Thanks for sharing this site with me!
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